What is the Most Important Link Building Factor?

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I was recently asked what is the most important factor when building links? It seemed like a simple enough question but then I realized it was going to take some real though to think of the single most important factor.

Link building factors that came to mind;

  • Does the page you’re getting a link from have PageRank?
  • How many other links are on the page?
  • Does the site appear to be trustworthy?
  • Is the page relevant?
  • How long will it take me to require the link?
  • Can I use anchor text?

Analyzing Hundreds of Factors

These where just some of the factors that came to my mind right away. As with any part of SEO there is no single factor. The truth is there are hundreds of SEO factors and a lot of it comes down to a sixth sense that is acquired after doing SEO for a while. After creating your own sites and analyzing others you can quickly see strong and weak points on your sites and the sites which link to you.

So What is the Most Important Factor?

If I was forced to pick the single most important factor when building links I would have to say relevancy. The reason for this choice is because this is exactly what search engines are trying to provide to their users whether it’s Google, Bing or Twitter search they all want to provide the best answer to the users query so that the user continues to use their service. If you ensure that your website is relevant and the links to your website are also relevant then you’re on your way to building a strong online presence.

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