No Budget SEO Experiment Conclusion

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About 3 months ago I decided to do a little SEO experiment. My goal was to find a way I could get a site built, hosted and search engine friendly without spending a dime. The results are in and besides the worth of my time I didn’t spend any money. Using weebly’s website builder I was able to quickly publish a website then I used to get the free domain Weebly aloud me to use my freedomain, install google analytics, setup a blog.

I pointed a few links to and within 24 hours the site could be found in Google. This was great news but the celebration came to a quick end. By day 3 of the experiment I could no longer find in Google’s index. My conclusion is that since domains  are free most of them are owned by spam websites so Google takes a closer look at any new domain. After a few weeks of being in the index and out of the index it finally stayed in the index and the unique keyword phrase page I created “fish taco seo” ranked #1 in Google.

fish taco seo google results

Three months have gone by and the homepage now has a Google PageRank of 2 and a few internal pages including the fish taco page have a PageRank of 1. This is proof that a weebly site and domain can be used to create a website on a zero dollar budget.

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