New Google Definition Update, Not So Smart?

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While I loved that Google provided links to for some search quires they stopped using it in December 2009. They’ve replaced it with Google Dictionary ( and at first it seemed like a logical step in the right direction. It does make more sense from Google’s point of view to use their own technology to return results.

The problem I’m having with it, is when I did a search today for “SEO definition” I had a very strange result. The definition Google pulled from it’s dictionary was about how Seo is a common Korean family name, while all 10 organic results where all related to Search Engine Optimization. This seemed unlike Google to give such a answer considering that I’m searching with in the US (so Korean family names might now be the best result for me) and that the remainder of the search results where all about Search Engine Optimization. Keep in mind I also capitalized SEO in my search and performed this search unpersonalized.

Here’s what my results looked like;

seo definition Google search results

It looks like Google may still be working the kinks out of this new feature. But it says something about a search engine when you expect more from them.

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  1. Chris Hornak
    Jul 26, 2010 @ 07:55:28

    Looks like Google is working on fixing this;

    See the new Google Dictionary results by using “en:en seo” in your search query.

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