Web Design… 10 Years From Now.

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**This blog post is meant to serve as an example and is not eligible for the contest .**

This blog post is written as an entry for Yellow Bridge Interactive’s The Future of Web Design Blogging Contest.

The guys at Yellow Bridge Interactive asked me what I thought the future of web design was going to be like. Before I start thinking about where we’re going, I wanted to think about where we’ve been. I started going some Google searches and found this nice infographic on the history of web design and this blog post.

history of web design infographic

History of Web Design Infographic


Check Out My Blog Posts on Eyeflow.com

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I’ve been updating my companies blog lately and i wanted to share it with the chrishornak.com audience.

Is your Marketing Team the Flintstones or the Jetsons?

“SEO and Social Media are about investing in the lifetime of your business. Paid advertising is like a Chia Pet, whereas SEO and Social Media is more like farming, if you put in the work you’ll be able to live off it.”

Do You Have Keyword Fever?

“Do you find yourself Googling the same keywords over and over again to see where your website ranks? Are you basing the success of your online marketing campaign by these few keywords? If so, then you have keyword fever!”

International SEO and Multi Language Websites

“Many clients wonder if they should buy country-specific domains (.au), create sub-domains (au.example.com) or use sub-folders (example.com/au). We’ve found in most cases you’re best off using a sub-folder. This will allow you to keep your existing domain authority and keep your online efforts consolidated.”

My Freeware Software Suite

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Since I have an computer programming degree and was always tinkering with computers in high school I am forever known as the computer guy to most of my family and friends. Whenever one of them gets some new computer for Christmas I’m the one they call when Norton Anti-Virus, HP pre-installed software and Windows are all crying for attention. After a while I started keeping a list of freeware programs I could quickly install on any Windows PC and call it a day. Here’s my list… More

Google Using User Blocked Sites in Algorithm?

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On April 11th Google announced that they have began incorporating data about the sites that users block into their algorithm.  This change seemed to be their answer to improving their Panda Update. After many experts analyzed the effects of the panda update and noticed that some sites with poor quality content where still doing well for long tail terms. In this study Search Engien Land goes into detail about how ehow survived the first update but after this last tweak has seen a major drop in their visibility. More

My Review of MajesticSEO’s New Site Explorer Reports

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I’m excited to see that MajesticSEO just introduce a beta version of their new site explorer (not the most original name. See: opensiteexplorer.org & siteexplorer.search.yahoo.com).  I’ve been a big fan of majesticseo.com’s tools for years now. I don’t think anyone would argue that they have the largest database of backlink data available. This makes it a great tool for nearly anyone in the SEO industry. If you’re not using it now, you should be. I want to review the new layout and features available on the Majestic SEO Site Explorer. More

5 Free Ways to Get Traffic to Your New Website

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OK you finally got your domain name and new website design launched, now what? How do you start getting people to your website? Honestly, developing a successful website, like any business project, takes a lot of hard work. This list will get you started down that path and on your way to building an online presence by instantly getting new links to your website. More

SEO Tools that Inspired SEOzio.com

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I use SEOzio nearly everyday and I’m extremely proud of it’s performance. I can put in a domain and get an idea of how well it’s optimized within 5 seconds. I know it’s not the first tool of it’s kind but I truly believe it’s one of the most accurate and trustworthy. I wanted to take a moment to recognized the other SEO tools that inspired us during the development of SEOzio. More

Quick/Cheap Search Friendly Website

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I recently did a post on the Eyeflow blog on 5 easy steps to get a website setup, running and ranking in Google. This post has been a long-time coming because I’m always walking friends through this process. I’m really glad I finally got the time to sit down and type it up. In the post you’ll find that I provide step-by-step instructions as well as other external resources to move you on your way. Once you learn this process you’ll be able to buy a domain and get a site setup for just about anything you can imagine.

Feel free to post your feedback. I hope you enjoy it!

Google Instant and Long-tail Search


Last week Google launched Google Instant an update to the interface of Google that shows results as you type. Since that day there has been buzz all around the web about how this change will effect SEO. The most common concern would be a decrease in Long-Tail searches. Long-Tail searches are searches that are very targeted. An example of a short-tail search would be “shoes”, where an example of a long-tail search would be “white nike basketball shoes”.

Many websites(usually start-ups or small businesses) rely on long-tail searches to bring traffic to their websites. More

New Google Definition Update, Not So Smart?

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While I loved that Google provided links to answers.com for some search quires they stopped using it in December 2009. They’ve replaced it with Google Dictionary (http://www.google.com/dictionary) and at first it seemed like a logical step in the right direction. It does make more sense from Google’s point of view to use their own technology to return results.

The problem I’m having with it, is when I did a search today for “SEO definition” I had a very strange result. More

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